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Brags & Trial Results - 2004

December 3, 2004
Cisu is OFA Good/Elbows normal! Both Cisu and Reka are also CERF clear.
November 13, 2004
Denise and Cisu earn their SchH2 at the Menlo Park Schutzhund Club trial in Menlo Park, California under SV Judge Horst Sundemeier with a score of 98/96/89p for 283p.
October 8-10, 2004
Brydon and Ami have a successful weekend at the United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association National Specialty in Henderson, Kentucky, earning two legs towards a U-CD and passing the Full Character Test to earn their FCT.
September 4-5, 2004
Brydon and Ami finish up their NAJ with a 1st and 2nd place (all three legs w/100pt runs) at the Derby City Agility Association trials in Corydon, IN under judges Joan Marec and Sionag Black. This makes her Sprite's Amielle EnGarde CDX NA NAJ BH.
Maureen Barrett and Gino finish third in a field of 23 in the training division of the 2004 K9 Fall Brawl personal protection tournament under judges Jerry Kaminski and Paula Lind.
August 15, 2004
Leslie and Joker earn their CD handily in three trials with a 190/2nd place under Judge Alvin Eng at the Dog Training Club of Salinas, a 196.5/1st place under Judge Pat Alvarez at the Monterey Bay Dog Training Club, and a 190.5/3rd place under Judge Michael Bavilacqua at the Santa Cruz Kennel Club.
July 4, 2004
A big weekend in Canada! Lana D'Souza and Baron - Sprite's Chili Pepper earn their SchH2 with a 91/86/80p for 257p. Not to be outdone, Gerry D'Souza and Isis - Sprite's Isis Sierra du Trieu de Leers earn their SchH1 with a 80/92/98p for 270p. Way to go Lana and Gerry!
June 6, 2004
Leslie and Joker repeat their Schutzhund 3 at the San Jose Schutzhund Club trial in San Jose, CA under SV Judge Ingeborg Balonier, scoring a 99/92/90 for 281p earning High Tracking, High Obedience, and High in Trial!
May 26, 2004
Soja delivers five baby girls!
May 14-15, 2004
Leslie and Joker compete at the Schutzhund 3 level at the Northwestern Regionals in Manteca, CA under Judge Bill Szentmiklosi (USA/DPO) and Rudie Mietzner (CDN/SV), scoring a 95/90/90 for 275 and 6th place!
May 2, 2004
Denise and Cisu earn their Schutzhund 1 in fine style at the Menlo Park Schutzhund Club trial in Menlo Park, CA under SV Judge Rudy Mueller. Cisu and Denise turned in a 96/100/96p for 292p...a "V" score, and also "V" in all three phases and High in Trial! (This was Judge Mueller's first ever 100pt obedience score in over 30 years of judging!)
Then Mary and Sophie - Sprite's Callisto Ivy Sophia SchH1 stepped up to the plate to earn their OB2 with a score of 88!
April 11, 2004
Brydon and Amie earn the schutzhund BH at the Bluegrass Schutzhund Club trial in Winchester, Kentucky under SV Judge Willie Stieger.
April 3-4, 2004
It's a big weekend for Sprite Tervuren and their people!
Congrats to Brydon and Amie - Sprite's Amielle En Garde, who finished up their CDX with a score of 197!
Congrats also to Cisu and Denise for earning their BH handily at the.Menlo Park Schutzhund Club trial under SV Judge Gunter Lanfer.
And congrats to Molly and her crew...Forte, who finished up his CDX with a 2nd and 3rd place, and Lyric - Sprite's Dynamic Fanfare, who earned her first point going BOW to her sire, Forte. Forte also earned another point going WD at the Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers Association shows in Centralia, Washington.
February 28, 2004
Congrats to Forte and Molly & Leslie and Joker for their fine performances at the 2004 AWMA IPO3 Championship in Rainier, Washington. Molly and Forte scored a 94/92/83 for a score of 269, earning High IPO3 Obedience and placing Third Overall! Leslie and Joker scored a 95/85/87 for a score of 267 and Fourth Overall! Judges for this event were Hartmut Beckman (Tracking), Glenn Stephenson (Obedience), and Markus Neutz (Protection).

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