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Brags & Trial Results - 2006

November 26
Sprite's French Vanilla - Ghira owned by Patrice Lambourne, and Sprite's Force of Nature - Quake owned by Leslie Bosserman, each earn their BH (and first titles!) at the Wild West Dog Sport trial in Delano, California under judge Gottfried Dildei.
Tilt and Marie earn their NAJ and second Open Standard leg in Indiana
October 22
Sprite's Fresca and Valerie earned High BH while Christopher and Sprite's Diva earn their Schutzhund 1 at the Saugeen Schutzhund Club trial in Orangeville, Ontario under judge Johannes Grewe.
October 15
Pico and Anna take 2nd place at the Elite level at the Dock Dogs National Championship in Kansas City, qualifying for an automatic berth to the 2007 Dock Dogs World Championship!
Kesa and Mark finish up their MXJ in California, while Tilt and Marie earn their NA in Wisconsin!
September 9
Finn and Marilyn earned their Protection Dog 1 title under judge Matt Aikenhead in St. John Michigan.
August 6
Cisu and Denise earn another UDX leg and two more OTCH points at the Salinas Dog Training Club obedience trial, with a 196.5 and 3rd place in Utility B under Curtis Cunningham in a class of 23, and a 196.5 and 3rd place in a class of 20 Open B dogs under Robert Squires.
Annika and Patti O'Neill compete in their first Splash Dogs event, turning in 16' and 19' jumps to make it into the finals. In the finals, Annika jumped 17'4" to earn 8th place overall and earning three "Wave Class" legs! Cisu and Raika also made their Splash Dogs debut, both jumping around 14' to earn "Ripple Class" legs.
July 16
Cisu and Denise win a four way runoff for 2nd place with a 199+++ in Open B and two more OTCH points as well as another UDX leg at the Del Monte Kennel Club show Seaside, CA under judge Pat Alvarez. Raika and Denise also made their debut in Novice B earning a 195.5.
Loki and Deb made their debut in Novice, earning the first leg of their CD with a 194 at the Del Monte show under judge Pat Alvarez!
July 14 & 16
Thrill and Nancy have a blazing fast weekend running in a class of 69 20" Excellent B dogs at the WAGS trial in Crystal Lake, Illinois under judge Lisa Potts. Thrill took a 2nd place on Friday, missing 1st by 24 hundredths of a second, and a 1st on Saturday. Thrill was more than 17 seconds under course time both days running 6.63 yps on Friday and 6.47yps on Sunday!
July 9
Emmy and Kim have a big weekend at Wags For Wishes in San Diego, California. In SplashDogs competition, Emmy had a bunch of big jumps including a personal best of 26' and two 25'10" jumps ending up third overall! Emmy also picked up one standard and one jumpers leg in Exc A.
July 8
Thrill and Nancy finish up her Excellent Standard title and move up to the B classes.
July 2
Pico and Anna win 1st place at the Mishicot Fest Dock Dogs event in Mishicot, Wisconsin with a repeat of their personal best jump of 25'2". Tilt and Marie earn their Dock Dogs Junior Jumper title at this event, too!
June 18
Finn - Sprite's Feisty Finnegan and owner Marilyn Fox earn the UKC Service Dogs Protection Alert (U-PA) title at the UKC Premier show in Kalamazoo, Michigan under judge Matt Akenhead with a 1st place.
June 11
Cisu and Denise take High in Trial and High Combined in their first show out in the "B" classes, with a 198.5 and 1st place in Open B under judge Pat Beauchamp and a 195 and 4th in Utility B under judge Cathy Dutra. This gives them their first UDX leg and 4 OTCH points.
June 10
Cisu and Denise finish their UD at the Contra Costa County Kennel Club trial in Antioch, CA under judge Cathy Dutra with a score of 196 and 1st place...qualifying them for the Front and Finish Excellence (FFX) award at the platinum level.
May 21
Dash and Mary earn their second novice obedience leg at the Oakland Dog Training Club trial in Hayward, California under judge Georganne Green with a 188 and 2nd place.
May 14
Raika and Denise earn her Schutzhund 2 (SchH2) at 23 months of age at the Menlo Park Schutzhund Club trial under SV judge Bernhard Prem with a score of 92-91-93p for a total of 276.
May 13
Cisu and Denise earn their second utility leg at Davis Dog Training Club in Dixon, California under judge Alvin Eng with a score of 197.5 for 1st place and HIT (after a run-off with the Utility B dog!).
Soja and Derede earn their first utility leg at this same trial, with a 196.5 and 2nd place!
May 7
Tilt - Sprite's Full Tilt TD and Marie Ashbaugh celebrated her one year birthday by earning their AKC Tracking Dog (TD) title at the Tracking Club of Wisconsin's test in Palmyra, Wisconsin under judges Mel Lloyd and Ed Presnall.
May 6
Finn - U-FO Sprite's Feisty Finnegan and Marilyn Fox earn their UKC Family Obedience title, the day before his one year birthday, with a second place in his class!
May 3
Thrill and Nancy tear up the agility course at the ABTC National Specialty in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Thrill took first in Excellent Standard and Jumpers under judge Greg Beck, running 6.38 yps in JWW!
April 28
Cisu and Denise make their Utility A debut at the Gavilan Kennel Club trial in Hollister, California under judge Dorin Ladd, scoring 196.5 for first place.
April 23
Kesa and Mark travel to a USDAA Tournament at Grand K9 in Filmore, California, ending the weekend with a 3rd Team Jumpers, 3rd Team Snooker, 2nd Grand Prix, 1st Team Relay, 1st Team Standard, 1st Steeplechase, and 1st DAM Team. Kesa also earned her USDAA Tournament Master (TM) title.
Emmy and Kim have a busy weekend of dock diving and agility. Emmy places 2nd at the America's Family Pet Expo Splash Dogs event in Orange County, California. Emmy jumped a new personal best of 23'11" and earned a Pro Class title. See Video. Emmy also got a leg and 1st place in a very difficult Open Standard course on Saturday.
Pico and Anna earn their TD at the Hudson Valley Tracking Club test held at Brook Farm in New Paltz, New York under judges Carol A. Simpson and Michael A. Clemens.
April 21
Pico and Anna place 1st at the Professional Walleye Trail/Mercury Pro-Am Festival Dock Dogs event in Winneconne, Wisconsin, with a 25'2" jump! Pico also earned her Elite Jumper title, joining an exclusive group of only 16 elite jumpers out of the 5000 dogs competing in Dock Dogs. See Video and Photos.
April 16-17
Soja and Derede place 2nd and 3rd out of 85 dogs in Masters Jumpers at the Haute Dogs-TRACS USDAA agility trials in Sacramento, California with 6+ yps runs both days.
April 9
Soja and Derede earn their TD at the San Joaquin Dog Training Club's test at Camanche Hills Hunting Preserve in Ione, CA under judges Marti Kemper and Sally Ann Nesbitt.
April 8
Emmy and Kim earn the third leg of her NA at the Tri-Valley Shetland Sheepdog of NW Los Angeles in Simi Valley, CA with a 1st place.
March 23
Sophie and Mary earn the last leg of her CD at the Santa Cruz Kennel Club's Obedience trial in Vallejo, CA. She scored a 193.5 for 1st place under Judge Ronald W. Simmons!
March 19
Pico and Anna finish second at the Fort Wayne Sports, Vacation & Boat Show in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a new personal best of 23'5" for 2nd place! Pico also had a jump of 23'2", earning two elite level legs at this event.
March 18
Soja and Derede finish up their CDX with a 196.5 in Open A under judge Suzanne Mayborne at the Skyline Dog Franciers Kennel Club of San Mateo County in San Mateo, California.
March 12
Pico and Anna continue their winning ways at the Pawsabilities Dock Dogs Competition in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, taking first place with an elite-level jump of 23'!
Kesa and Mark take third place at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regional in Phoenix, Arizona in the Large Dog Agility class.
March 5
Thrill and Nancy have a great AKC agility weekend, earning two open jumpers legs to finish up Thrill's OAJ, including a JWW run clocked at 6.98 yps.
Emmy and Kim make their AKC agility debut earning three legs in four runs with all 1st placements.
March 4
Pico and Anna breeze through their tracking certification in New Paltz, New York under judge Mike Clemens.
March 2
Emmy and Kim earn two legs towards their Dock Dogs Master Jumper title, at the Fred Hall's Fishing & Tackle Show in Long Beach, CA. Emmy jumped 21' 9" and 22' 11"!
February 27
Thrill and Nancy have a great debut weekend in USDAA, qualifying in five of six runs and earning legs in Gamblers, Standard, and Jumpers with four 1st placements and one 2nd place!
February 26
Cisu and Denise finish up their CDX with scores of 199 and 197.5 and two 1st placements, under judges Alvin Eng and Pat Alvarez at the San Francisco Dog Training Club and San Mateo Dog Training Club trials in Daly City, CA.
Soja and Derede earn two legs towards their CDX with scores of 198.5 and 193.5 and a 2nd and 3rd place at the same trials!
Kesa and Mark qualify in Advanced Gamblers with a 1st place earning her USDAA AAD title! Kesa took 1st place in the Grand Prix for the fourth time and her team took First Place in the DAM tournament by over 50 points.
February 19
Raika and Denise earn their TD at the Sacramento Dog Training Club's test at Mather Regional Park in Rancho Cordova, CA under judges Barbara Adcock and Robert Rollins.
February 17
Cisu and Denise earn their second Open obedience leg with a score of 198 and 1st place in a class of 31 Open A dogs, under judge Kent Delaney at the Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club trial in San Jose, CA.
February 8-12
Pico and Anna take the Cabela's St. Louis Boat and Sport Show in St. Louis, Missouri by storm, turning in several new personal best jumps and placing second overall! Pico set several personal bests, including a top jump of 22'11" handled by dock diving pro Tom Dropik. (Anna will be working on improving her throws in the privacy of her home.)
February 6, 2006
Raika and Denise earn their AKC Tracking Certification under AKC Judge Anne Hershey, qualifying her to enter AKC Tracking tests.
January 29, 2006
Joker and Leslie and Cisu and Denise each earn their AKC TDs at the Palo Alto Hills Tracking Association under judges Anne Hershey and Alicia Keegan in Morgan Hill, California.
January 22, 2006
Raika and Denise earn their SchH1 at the Menlo Park Schutzhund Club trial under SV judge Friedl Heghmans with a score of 92-98-97 for a V-rated score of 287 earning High Obedience and High in Trial.
January 9, 2006
Joker and Leslie and Cisu and Denise each earn their AKC Tracking Certifications under judge Anne Hershey at Driscoll Ranch in La Honda, CA, qualifying them to enter AKC Tracking Tests.
January 7, 2006
Kesa and Mark start the new year right, earning their USDAA Agility Dog (AD) title.

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