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The following is by no means an exhaustive list of all the relevant pages on the Internet. Rather, it contains pointers to a few sites that either are well linked to other sites, or have a particular interest in working dogs. A link is not necessarily an endorsement!

Belgians as a Whole
Belgian Dogs - Contains a great deal of information on the history, genealogy, genetics, and ethology of the Belgian Shepherd.
Lily Rock Belgian Rescue - Southern CA. Please consider a rescue Belgian—it may be just the right fit for your household!
Kennel van het Borufseveld (working Tervuren in Holland)
Kennel Etulinjan (working Tervuren in Germany)
Kennel Falkvindens (working Tervuren in Sweden)
Fanfare Working Tervuren (Molly Butler)
Kennel L'Izaville (working Tervuren in Holland - no longer breeding)
Kennel Marjorienkes (working Tervuren in Holland)
Kennel Nangijala (working Tervuren and Malinois in Norway)
Kennel Robshoeve (working Tervuren in Holland)
Kennel de la Rouquine (working Tervuren in Holland)
Kennel Tarkatan (working Tervuren in Finland)
Ours du Musher (working Tervuren in France)
Malinut page
Malinois du Ciel Rouge (California, USA)
Clovis Ticho and friends (Holland)
Sheepdog (Groenendael)
Claire de Lune - Excellent Pedigree tool!
Hebiron - Working Groens
Ulu's Page
The LaekenZine
Breed Organizations
American Belgian Laekenois Association (ABLA)
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America (BCSA)
American Belgian Tervuren Club (ABTC)
The American Belgian Malinois Club (ABMC)
United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association (UBSDA)
United Kennel Club Home Page (UKC)
American Kennel Club Home Page (AKC)
Training Clubs & Organizations
DVG America (Schutzhund parent organization)
Assen working dog group (Holland)
The International Herder
Health Related Organizations
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Institute for Genetic Disease Control (GDC)
Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)
The Dog Athlete - canine nutritional supplementation and physical conditioning products
General sites of interest
Belgian Clip Art

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