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Breeding Program

If you are interested in a puppy for 2013 or later, feel free to contact me about your interests, plans and expectations for your next dog. Priority for puppies is given to current owners of Sprite Belgians and experienced competition trainers who have the skill to work through the challenges of raising a working bred puppy.

I am always interested in talking with people who would consider importing male puppies from promising litters overseas, in order to expand the genepool of working Tervuren in this country. While I do not charge a fee for providing the referral, any imported males must be kept intact so that Sprite may retain limited breeding rights. These puppies will always be from 100% working line pedigrees. If this option is of interest to you, feel free to contact me for more information.

Soja hanging out with 
daughter Kesa - now Sprite's Epic Tergosa AX AXJ AAD TM

Given the qualities apparent in our early litters, our kennel is starting to realize several of our initial goals in breeding Tervuren.

We have produced multiple Schutzhund-titled dogs who can compete and win at trials around the country. These dogs are mentally stable and love to work in almost any working sport. We've also produced MACHs, world class Dock Diving dogs, and high caliber partners across the spectrum of performance sports.

We are now looking several generations into the future to reach our breeding goal: uniform litters of stable dogs that excel in all working sports.

At Sprite Tervuren, we breed with considerable care and thoughtfulness; each litter is planned, and there are few of them. Realizing the grand plan of exceptional working dogs takes patience and time, and depends heavily on careful placement of our puppies in the right homes.

All puppies produced at Sprite are eligible for AKC registration. We have made a commitment to locate and import or breed to working Tervuren from working Malinois lines that are properly registered as Tervuren in FCI-member countries. Even as we develop into a distinct line producing working Tervuren in the United States, we will always seek to infuse our breeding program with the best working Tervuren from Europe to maintain genetic diversity and continually improve our breeding program.


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