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"I" Litter (Cobra x Annika)

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The "Annika" x Cobra litter was born October 5, 2008 with two boys and two girls.

Annika - - Sprite's Full of Grace SchH3 HRD - is actively training in schutzhund and is also a Human Remains Detection dog with the Institute for Canine Forensics. She is OFA Excellent, Elbows normal, and Thyroid normal.

Cobra - Ours du Musher FR3 MR3 - has been selected as the sire of this litter. Cobra is a highly successful Mondioring and French Ring competitor, showing mental courage and toughness, adaptability, problem solving ability, agility, and endurance. Cobra is very social and safe with all people and children; he is not dog agressive and he is not sharp. He is a healthy dog with healthy offspring. His pedigree is strong, comprised of 100% working lines with some very successful dogs in his pedigree.

This breeding is likely to produce driven, stable, competent working dogs that can excel in a range of sports. I expect high quality working puppies for schutzhund, ringsport, agility, obedience, or SAR from this litter.



Sprite's Icebreaker - Ice (orange)
Deb Lofgren - flyball
Sprite's Indelible Impression - Timber (pink)
David Schulman - agility


Sprite's Invincible Ali - Ali (blue)
Patti O'Neill-Esposito - schutzhund, obedience, SAR
Sprite I'Quiver De Fanfare - Quiver (yellow)
Molly Martinson - schutzhund


Pedigree: Cobra x Annika Litter

Ours du Musher FR3 MR3 End du Musher FR3 (T) CTr Arock de la Source Bien Aimee Olaf FR3 (M)
Rejane du Colombophile (M)
Aupale du Musher FR2,RCI2,SpH (T) Neron de la Fontaine du Bois (T)
Rusty du Parc des Pathyvel (T)
Defi de la Noaillerie (T) CTr sr Ultra du Domaine du Cameleon FR3 (M) CTr Cibo van de Meuldehof FR3 (M)
Jessie du Haut Tesson (M)
Vitesse de La Noaillerie (M) CTr Cuik Du Clos Saint Michel FR3 (M)
Nadia de la Noaillerie (M)
Sprite's Full of Grace SchH3 HRD (T) CTr Rudy de Contrescarpe FR3 (T) Jocker de Contrescarpe FR3 MR3 (T) Cerdan des Garrigues de la Madeleine FR3 (T)
Galen des Orges Foin (T)
Pessel du Musher MR2 (T) Mario du Musher FR3 (T)
sr Osia du Musher FR2 MR2 (T)
OTCH Tarkatan Cisu SchH3 FH1 UDX TD CTr sr Nimba Des Loups du Makenzie FR3 (T) Cerdan des Garrigues de la Madeleine FR3 (T)
Isis du Domaine de la Rocheliere (T)
KVA Umlaut van de Duvetorre SchH3,IPO3 (T) Stoned van de Duvetorre IPO3 (M)
Lara du Boscaille (M)

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