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"J" Litter (After x Raika)

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The After x Raika litter of seven girls and three boys arrived March 5, 2009.

"Raika" - Sprite's Eureka SchH2 CDX TD - Raika has excellent energy and drives for all three phases of schutzhund. In tracking she is hard working and in high drive. In obedience she shows her dam's influence (Soja) in the accurate, flashy picture she presents. And in protection she shows hard, full mouth grips, intense eye contact with the helper, balanced drives (prey and active aggression), natural love of fight, and superb self-confidence. Raika brings these qualities and more to her current training in SAR.

"After" - After des Loups Mutins FR3 - After is a handsome, athletic, highly successful French ring dog, with pronounced self-confidence and energy, love of play, and exceptional jumping ability. After is social and stable, with a big, calm bite and a pedigree of high caliber working dogs.

Ideally, this litter will retain the willingness to please, boldness, focus, friendliness, structure, intelligence and extreme working drives of the dam. The sire, After, was chosen for powerful, mouth-stuffing grips, core confidence, trainability, drive, utter stability, physical correctness and working pedigree.

There should be a range of temperaments in this litter, but I expect all of the puppies to possess confident temperaments, high trainability with good drives, love of work, athleticism, and intelligence. The best Schutzhund puppies will also possess bite quality, intensity, naturally calm and focused tracking, dominant temperaments, and high fighting drive. I expect almost all of these puppies to excel in competition agility and many to excel in the protection sports and SAR careers.



Sprite's Eureka SchH2 CDX TD - Raika

Raika's Page


After des Loups Mutins FR3 - After

High Jump
Long Jump
Object Guard
Hamming it up



Sprite's Jivatma - Jiva (yellow)
Dawn Kovell -- schutzhund, flyball, agility, obedience
Sprite's Juno - Juno (pink)
Franziska Hanreich - schutzhund, obedience
Sprite's Just an Afterthought - Mocha (lavender)
Deb Kelly - obedience
Sprite's Just Do It - Nike (lime)
Cheryl Bavister - obedience, agility, herding
Sprite's Jewel of the North - Jade (orange)
Mary Daugherty - agility
Sprite's Joie De Vivre - Vivre (red)
Becky Parman - schutzhund
Sprite's Jubilant Monsoon Dancer - Jubee (multi)
Patty McGee - agility, obedience


Sprite's Jason "Jay" Garrick IPO1 - Flash (green)
2011 AWDF Nationals IPO1 4th place
Jason Murphy -- schutzhund, agility
Sprite's Jury - Jury (blue)
Dave Encisco - agility and obedience
Sprite's Just Sinful - Wicked (black)
Brydon Christensen - schutzhund, obedience, PAT certified medical alert/service dog


Pedigree: After x Raika Litter

After des Loups Mutins FR3 (T) Twister des Loups Mutins FR3 (M) CTr Jefferson des Loups Mutins FR3 sel (M) CTr Cops du Parc des Acacias FR3 fin (M)
Frondeuse des Loups Mutins (M)
N'Zo des Loups Mutins (M) Gringo des Loups Mutins FR2 (M)
J La Squaw des Loups Mutins (M)
Strada des Loups Mutins (M) I'Snack des Montagnes d'Alaric FR3 sel MR3 fin (M) CTr Mash des Deux Pottois FR3 sel (M)
Fanny des Montagnes d'Alaric (M)
Norma des Loups Mutins (M) CTr Eodipe du Clos du Hahnenberg RCI3 fin IPO3 BTr P A,B,C (M)
Eagle des Loups Mutins (M)
OTCH Sprite's Eureka SchH2 UDX TD Tarkatan Ammoniakki SchH3 IPO3 I'Yankee du Domaine du Titisee FR3 CTr Dusty du clos de Savoie
Darling de la Perle du Ruisseau
Umlaut van de Duvetorre IPO3,SchH3 Stoned van de Duvetorre IPO3,SchH3
ADCH Soja Sprite's Brea du Trieu de Leers SchH3 UDX TDX AX OAJ CTr Lewis Felgos du Chemin des Plaines FR3
Halva FR1
Oursonne du Trieu de Leers End du Musher FR3
Fiona du Vert Touquet

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