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"L" Litter (Ali x Lyric)

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The "Ali" x "Lyric" litter arrived August 4, 2011.

"Lyric" - Sprite's Dynamic Fanfare - Lyric is an all purpose ranch dog. She is actively involved in the daily management of livestock on Timberland Acres Ranch in Washington state. She is strong enough to move intractable animals, but obedient and well behaved with easier livestock. While not competing in formal training events, she shows many qualities which are valued by Sprite tervuren for performance animals. These include high play drive, excellent energy, good pack drive, sociability with everyone including strangers and children, athleticism, adaptability and stability. She also shows no dog aggression.

"Ali" - Sprite's Invincible Ali - is showing strong promise in his training for both AKC obedience and schutzhund trials. Ali has many of the best qualities of both of his parents; excellent energy and drives while working yet calm in the house, focus, trainability, intelligence, athleticism, high play drive, courage and sociability. He is clear headed and easy to handle. He is not aggressive towards animals or humans. His bite is hard and full for schutzhund and his tracking is quiet and intense. Ali is also a very handsome young dog, with a lovely, masculine expression and an athletic body. As a very nice bonus, all of his littermates show similar qualities, suggesting that he will be likely to produce it in his offspring as well.

Based on Lyric's last litter and Ali's pedigree, I'd expect these puppies to excel at all working and performance/sport applications (agility, obedience, schutzhund, french ring, tracking, and SAR).

There may be a male puppy available to an experienced working home, preferably agility. If you are an experienced handler of a high drive breed, feel free to contact me for more information.

Pedigree: Ali Lyric Litter

Sprite's Invincible Ali (T) Ours du Musher FR3 MR3 (T) End du Musher FR3 (T) CTr Arock de la Source Bien Aimee (T)
Aupale du Musher FR2 RCI2 SpH (T)
Defi de la Noaillerie (T) CTr sr Ultra du Domaine du Cameleon FR3 (M)
Vitesse de la Noaillerie (M)
Sprite's Full of Grace SchH3 HRD (T) CTr Rudy de Contrescarpe FR3 (T) Jocker de Contrescarpe FR3 MR3 (T)
Pessel du Musher MR2 (M)
OTCH Tarkatan Cisu SchH3 FH1 UDX TD (T) CTr sr Nimba des Loups du Makenzie FR3 (T)
KVA Umlaut van de Duvetorre SchH3 IPO3 (T)
Sprite's Dynamic Fanfare (T) Sprite's Con Forte de Fanfare CDX SchH3 IPO3 FH Ch HR Legacy's Mountain Sprite UDT OA AD SchH3 IPO1 FH HIC DC HR Timberline Charswirl's Ace CDX STDsI HTDII
Amber of Willowrose
Rapine du Chenil de France PT (T) Vanupieds des Anges de L'enfer SchH3 IPO3 FH FR3 (T)
Cybele des Anges de L'Enfer (T)
Sprite's Isis Sierra du Trieu de Leers SchH1 (T) CTr Lewis FR3 (T) Felgos du Chemin des Plaines FR3 (M)
Halva FR1 (M)
One Lady du Trieu de Leers (T) Gunter Des Anges de L'enfer FR3 (T)
Linka du Vert Touquet (T)

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