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Tarkatan's Ammoniakki SchH3,IPO3
Hips A/Elbows & Stifles normal, Eyes clear
D.O.B.: 12/5/1998

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Hips A/Elbows & Stifles normal, clear eyes
No known seizures at 5+ years of age.


Reko shows natural toy obsession. He is food motivated. He is very well focused during work and shows eagerness to please his owner. He has no environmental issues, showing confidence even on very slippery surfaces, moving dollies from a warehouse, jumping onto slippery tables stacked four feet high and off again; and natural grace in jumping with excellent body control.

He can work for long stretches of time with no loss of focus and very little reward. He works in spite of other male dogs working nearby with toys. Reko has been worked in protection by a highly respected and well-known helper, with the intention to explore as many facets of his temperament as possible; i.e, prey orientation, intensity, ability to withstand agression and stress, confidence, fight, pain tolerance, etc. He did extremely well in all facets, and my helper's comment was that he's "the real deal." The dog comes up in drive with pressure, which is very desirable. Very strong fight, never showed any weakness. He listens well to his owner and respects a strong helper.

Reko is a highly dominant male. He is not social with strangers, preferring to focus on his owner/handler.

Structure and Overall Appearance:
Reko is a 25 inches tall and weighs approximately 70 pounds. His angulation front and rear is moderate and balanced. Reko's movement is clean and smooth. Back length is medium with a firm topline. Bone is medium to heavy. Neck is nicely arched. Coat is excellent - color, texture and quantity. Ears are medium sized and well-placed. Head is heavy, but overall impression is of a strong, confident male with a pleasing expression and outline.


Reko was bred to Soja in March 2004:

"E" Litter


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