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Rudy de Contrescarpe FR3
Hips A/Elbows normal/Cardiac normal/CERF clear (pending)
D.O.B.: 10/30/2000
owned by Didier and Francine Schmidt, St. Avold, France

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Hips A/Elbows normal/Cardiac normal/CERF clear (pending)
No known seizures at 4+ years of age.

Calm, social family dog that gets along well with everyone, including children and other dogs. Very focused on his owner and naturally obedient to his commands. Exceptionally stable in all environments; airports, crowds, training facilities, forested areas, etc. Quiet and calm at home.

Rudy works for long stretches of time with little or no reward. He has a calm working style in obedience with extreme athletic ability. Direct and powerful, driving-in entries. Hard, full mouth, calm grip. Extremely strong under pressure with no hesitation on new decoys or in novel environments. Rudy exudes power and confidence in his work.

Structure and Overall Appearance:
Rudy is a very masculine, strongly built dog with a large head and a powerful body. His bone structure is heavy with good angulation front and rear. Movement from the side is smooth and easy. Coat is deep red with excellent quantity and texture. Neck is long and with a nice carriage. Ears are small and well set. Tail carriage is correct. Overall size is 25" and 70 pounds.


Rudy will be bred to Cisu in March 2005:

"F" Litter


French Ring Object guard
French Ring Attack on handler
French Ring High jump
French Ring Long jump
French Ring Palisade
Relaxing in the country
Didier & Rudy


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