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OTCH Tarkatan Cisu SchH3 FH1 UDX TD
OFA Good/Elbows normal/Thyroid normal, CERF clear
D.O.B.: November 2, 2002

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OFA BT-4268G24F-PI Hips (Good)/BT-EL1608F24-PI Elbows (Normal)/
BT-TH252/44F-PI Thyroid (Normal), CERF BT-3152/2006.

No known seizures at 3+ years of age

Cisu (pronounced Key-sue) is a cheerful, affectionate female who plays well with both people and dogs. She particularly enjoys the company of her family's small children and tolerates occasional rough treatment from them with grace and humor. Cisu is extremely persistent about pursuing affection from friends and family members. She is suspicious of strangers coming to our house but warms up quickly. Cisu greets all people with enthusiasm away from home.

Cisu is very well focused during work and shows eagerness to please. She has no environmental issues, showing confidence under a range of environmental stressors and unusual circumstances. Cisu has natural grace in jumping with excellent body control. She is both food and toy motivated. She is highly responsive to her trainer's commands, and responds well to both physical and verbal corrections. She is a "medium-hard" female who is easy to work with in all three phases of schuthzund.

Cisu can work for long stretches of time with no loss of focus and very little reward. She works well in spite of other dogs working nearby with toys.

Cisu is a talented and natural tracking dog. She is quiet and methodical, showing excellent concentration and persistence in the face of challenging conditions. Cisu has always scored 96+ points in tracking competitions, including a 97V for her FH. In obedience, Cisu shows equal talent - she is intense, flashy, and accurate. Again, Cisu has always scored 96+ points in obedience, including a perfect score of 100 for her schutzhund 1. In protection, Cisu hits hard and shows excellent intensity and trainability. She remains clear headed when working in drive. Her bites are calm and she regrips well.

Structure and Overall Appearance:
Cisu is 22.5" inches tall and weighs approximately 45 pounds. Her angulation front and rear is moderate and balanced. Cisu's movement is light and smooth. Bone is medium. Coat color and texture are both excellent. Head and ears are heavy, but overall impression is of a pleasing, feminine expression.



"F" Litter w:5/24/05 (Cisu x Rudy)

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