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Sierra Sprite's Isis du Trieu de Leers SchH1
OFA Good/Normal elbows, CERF clear
D.O.B.: 3/13/2001

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OFA BT-3956G24F-PI Hips (Good)/BT-EL1322F24-PI Elbows (Normal)
CERF BT-2828/2002--20

No known seizures at 3+ years of age.

Isis is a 100% working bred bitch, with a very strong pedigree based on the best of the French Ringsport Malinois and Tervuren.

Isis is a very friendly, happy bitch. She gets along very well with everyone she meets, including children and other pets. While initially very energetic and busy in the house, she calmed down considerably after her first litter at two years of age. Isis has no environmental fears or issues with new places, surfaces or situations. She is Gerry D'Souza's companion at home and working partner in schutzhund.

Working Ability:
Isis is intensely toy motivated and can work for long stretches of time without a reward. She has tireless energy and drive. Isis's specialty is the protection phase of schutzhund, showing consistently strong work with full, hard bites and tremendous impact into the helper.

Isis's co-owner Gerry juggles a family, full time work and dog training. In spite of this, Isis earned her schutzhund 1 title with a total score of 270, including a 98V score in protection. She is trained through her schutzhund 2 in obedience and protection, but still needs some work in tracking. When she is ready, she will trial for her final titles.

Structure and overall appearance
Isis is a large bitch at approximately 24" and 55 pounds. She is strong and athletic. Structure is moderate and balanced front and rear. Bone is medium. Isis' coat is a deep red color with significant blackening. Expression is pleasing. Overall impression is of a happy, confident female with good color and balance throughout.


Breeding Record:
Isis produced 11 puppies in her first litter - an outcross with a "C" litter male, Forte. The male puppies share a uniformity of temperament - social with people and dogs, confident, full bites in protection work, and stable off the field. The females are equally social, but have a softer temperament overall which makes them less suited to the protection sports. All of the working puppies show a love of work and high levels of motivation when working for a toy. While slower to develop focus and work ethic than other Sprite litters, the puppies are beginning to excel in their chosen sports. I expect that Isis will continue to produce top quality working dogs for Sprite Tervuren. Her next litter is likely to take place at the end of 2005 or early 2006.


"D" Litter w:5/28/03 (Isis x Forte)

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