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While many of the videos are available in multiple formats, not all are. The highest quality video will be the videos labeled Flash 8. If you don't have the Flash 8 Player, please consider downloading it.



Jumpers WMV/ Flash6
Standards WMV/ Flash6
(Agility In Motion)
USDAA Nationals WMV/ Flash
Steeplechase Flash 8
(Agility Vision)



Schutzhund Obedience
Sit in motion AVI/ Flash6
Down in motion AVI/ Flash6
Stand in motion AVI/ Flash6
Stand out of the run WMV/ Flash6
Heeling WMV/ Flash6

AKC Obedience
Signals WMV/ Flash6
SD - leather WMV/ Flash6
SD - metal WMV/ Flash6
Directed Ret - 1 WMV/ Flash6
Directed Ret - 3 WMV/ Flash6
Moving Stand WMV/ Flash6

Obedience Components
Front AVI/ Flash6
IPO About-Turn WMV/ Flash6

Obedience noodling
Heeling, play, etc...

Jumpers WMV/ Flash6
(Agility In Motion)



Environmental AVI/ Flash6
Bite quality AVI/ Flash6
Body contact AVI/ Flash6
Pressure AVI/ Flash6
Heeling 17w MOV/ Flash6

Schutzhund Obedience
Heeling w/Down WMV/ Flash6
Retrieve on Flat WMV/ Flash6
Retrieve over Jump WMV/ Flash6
Retrieve over Wall WMV/ Flash6
Go out WMV/Flash6

Obedience noodling
Heeling, tug, etc...

Dock Diving
Practicing - Flash8

Working Goats in the Paddock

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